May 18, 2020

20 Tips for Planning a Summer Wedding!

  1. Have a rain plan! Don’t stress out about the weather. You can rent tents, move indoors, have a standing umbrella ceremony, or watch the radar closely to determine if the ceremony needs to be delayed a few minutes. Be flexible!

2. Keep cool (Ice water, fan programs, shade, ac) When your guests are comfortable then the focus can be on the couple.

3. Say yes to light jackets! (black tuxedos for an outdoor 90 degree wedding are just cruel. Instead choose a lighter linen or have an indoor ceremony if you are sold on dark colored suits.

4. Evening ceremony! Beat the heat of the day and  have prettier lighting for portraits by pushing the ceremony to the evening.

5. Breathable fabric! Having a wedding dress that allows you to keep cool

6. Sunscreen and bug spray! Have tables with these essentials available for guests to use throughout your venue.

7. Early morning set up. If your venue will allow you to have early morning access try to get most of the decor set up while it’s cooler.

8. Lots of fruit! Snack on fruit while getting ready, offer water with fruit infusions to guests. There’s nothing better than chilled fruit on a hot day.

9. Chair covers. You can rent fabric chair covers or cushions for your guests during the ceremony to prevent hot seats.

10. Comfortable shoes. Wearing a thicker heel will keep you from sinking in the grass. Also, bring a slip on shoe for walking to portrait locations and dancing during the reception! 

11. UP DO hair styles help keep you neck cool and the hairspray will prevent flyaways 

Dress from Ashley Grace Bridal

12. Clay Earrings! These handmade earrings are unbelievably light and perfect for your Summer wedding! You can order a set for your entire bridal party in your custom colors too from Hooked Earring Company. I’m OBSESSED with mine!

13. Summer sunset photos. That golden light at the end of the day is simply stunning. Ask your photographer for additional bride and groom portraits during sunset.

14. Flowers in bloom. Peonies are my favorite but can be hard to come by in some areas during summer. Hydrangeas, Orchids, and Roses are all beautiful summer options. Ask your florist what will be in bloom for your date. 

15. Refrigerate everything. Prevent a cake disaster by keeping it cool. Drinks, desserts, snacks, and anything that could get ruined from the heat should be in the fridge. Flowers too!

16. Beautiful summer colors. The summer color schemes for weddings are endless! I love seeing unique combinations like orange, green, and pink or florals on bridesmaids! 

17. Airbrush makeup will last and shouldn’t run all over your face during the heat of the day. 

18. WATER WATER WATER! Waters at the entrance of an outdoor ceremony is a kind way to make your guests feel welcome and stay hydrated. Have a few coolers with waters on ice for guests to enjoy.

19. Outdoor games Cornhole, putt putt, croque, and jenga are a hit at outdoor weddings. Especially during family portraits while guests are waiting for the reception.

20. Book Valorie Kelley to photograph your very special Summer Wedding!

There you have it! Don’t forget to checkout the WEDDING TIMELINE WORKSHOP! I hope this helps as you prepare for your wedding day. If you wanna talk wedding with me send me an email at

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