June 2, 2020

5 Must Ask Questions For Your Wedding Photographer.

Booking your wedding photographer is an exciting time. It’s when you get to choose the person who will document your dream day. I love when bride’s tell me they knew I would photograph their wedding before the ring was even on their finger. Your wedding photographer will usually spend more time with you on your wedding day than your groom so make sure you love them!

1.What is included in the wedding packages?

Wedding Photographers usually offer many different packages for couples. A few of my favorites include an engagement session, heirloom wedding album, bridal portraits, and an online wedding gallery which host’s your entire wedding day. Some packages may include 2 photographers which will add additional angles and images of your day. 8 hours of wedding day coverage is usually the perfect amount of time to capture the getting ready shots to the reception and everything in between. You may want to add additional time and ask your photographer if that is an option.

2.What Style do you have?

There are so many creative styles of photography from bright and airy, fun and colorful, and dark and moody… if you have already browsed their website and instagram you will most likely see what style they have on your own. However, hearing why the photography has a certain aesthetic may make you appreciate their work even more. Also, looking through blog posts will help you see a peek inside of a wedding day with them. 

3.Will you offer guidance in creating the timeline?

The photographer you hire should be able to share with you details of when to schedule portraits throughout your day. They know when the best lighting is and can suggest specific times for glowing outdoor natural light images. Also, if it’s your FIRST time planning your wedding and you do not have a wedding planner making many of the suggestions, the photographer might be able to offer some guidance. The last thing we want is to show up on a wedding day to a chaotic schedule and stressed out bride. If you really want control of your wedding day without the stress check out the Wedding Timeline Workshop below. This online workshop is packed with exactly what you need to schedule your day but work at your own pace. You will be able to hand off the perfect detailed timeline to your coordinator and photographer and rest assured that your wedding day is organized.

4.When can I expect the delivered images?

I beg you to ask this question! I have heard horrific story after story where clients wait years to get their wedding day images… sometimes never. The photos taken of your wedding day is truly an investment because the images will be passed on through generations, your home will be filled with your portraits, and you’ll cherish them forever. Don’t miss out on these photos because you didn’t ask when they would be delivered. My couples get a surprise sneak peek to share within 24 hours and are told 4-8 weeks for the full gallery. I have seen 1-3 months for a full wedding gallery to be the average time most photographers deliver images to clients.

5.Do you offer a payment plan?

Weddings can be an expensive investment with multiple deposits and purchases. If you are hiring a professional, they will likely ask for a non refundable deposit to hold the day. I have couples who pay in full upon booking and others ask for 2-3 payments spread over time. Most photographers will ask for the full payment before the wedding day and the details should be in the contract that you sign.   

Happy Wedding Planning!


Valorie Kelley


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