April 29, 2020

5 Tips for Planning Your Wedding Day!

I love photographing weddings and helping brides strategize their special day. Below are 5 tips to help you with your wedding planning.

This wedding was at the beautiful Burlington Plantation!

Click HERE for the WEDDING PLANNING WORKSHOP created for the DIY  Bride!

1. Allocate time for hiccups:

Things will happen and there’s no need to get stressed out if you have a well written timeline.

If you give the pre ceremony time of your day an extra 10-15 minutes per activity, you will be surprised at how relaxing and stress free your day will be. Create your timeline HERE!

2.Make things beautiful!

Good natural lighting in a room goes a long way. Your bridal suite will get messy fast so have a trash bag nearby so that photos don’t get cluttered with different products and used napkins.

Also, your bouquet of flowers can go a long way when photographing your wedding details. This room was made for this shot! 

3.Family Portraits:

Having a clear plan for your family photos will be a game changer when guests are waiting for the reception.

Take the time to create a detailed family photo list and pass them out to family at the rehearsal dinner. Even Beau the Yorkie made it into family portraits! 

4.Make a list and check it twice:

Print a checklist for the things you will absolutely need for your wedding day. Matching socks, invitation suite, thank you cards… etc.

5.Golden Hour:

dedicate time during your wedding day for beautiful portraits during the golden hour! Even if you’ve already had bride and groom portraits, the golden light just before the sun set is to die for.

You will not regret having the extra images!

Venue: Burlington Plantation


Valorie Kelley


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