November 29, 2018

A Charming and Incredibly Fun Wedding – Rodney and Raeneice!

Joey and I have been to some fun weddings the past few years, but this wedding was one of our favorites! We’ve never seen so much dancing at a wedding! Raeneice and Rodney sure knew what they were doing and it was so much fun to be a part of!


When we first arrived on the wedding day, we could tell Raeneice and her ladies were going to be so enjoyable to work with! Also side note, I LOVED her choice of colors! All the pink – it was amazing! Her bridesmaid’s dresses, her shoes, her bouquet – pink! All pink! It was incredible!


Speaking of her bouquet, you might notice how beautiful it is in the pictures below. Her maid of honor made it! I couldn’t believe how amazing it was and then to hear that her maid of honor was the one who made it, I was speechless!


Raeneice was such a sweet bride and Rodney was so sweet also when he saw his bride walking down the aisle! You can see his reaction in one of the photos and it is so precious! While his bride was walking down the aisle, Raeneice’s brother started singing and he was so good! Their wedding was one of the most unique and enjoyable weddings we’ve ever been to!


With their choreographed first dance to Raeneice’s dance with her bridesmaids, we knew this wedding would be one we would remember for a long time! Even though it was incredible enjoyable and fun to photograph Raeneice and Rodney, we could tell how much they loved each other. They were so excited to get married and had a lot of family members from both sides who were almost as excited as they were to see them get married!


Thank you Raeneice and Rodney for being so incredibly awesome to work with! I hope you enjoy the photos of Raeneice and Rodney’s extremely fun wedding!



If you look at the home page on our website, Joey created a short video that shows me at some of my weddings. We thought this wedding was so fun that he added this one in the video! If you go to the homepage, I’m sure you will be able to see which shots were from this wedding!




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