December 31, 2018

An Enchanting Aquarium Wedding – Krystal & Steve

As 2018 comes to a close, I think of all the amazing couples Joey and I were blessed to work with this year!

One of my favorite weddings was both incredibly fun and artistically challenging as photographers. If you’ve ever been to an aquarium before, you know there are vibrant colors EVERYWHERE! We had to deal with all kinds of tints on the faces of our subjects. Also, every tank is a reflector! Any light that was shone onto a tank would have shown up in the photos.

This certainly tested our abilities as photographers but we were so happy that Steve and Krystal decided to let us be a part of their big day!

In order to keep things fresh, we decided to have their first look in the courtyard of the Aquarium which had a quaint little duck pond in it! It was magical! Also, Krystal bent down to feed one of the birds and she totally looked like Snow White!

You can see throughout their wedding that different species of fish were always visible in the tanks. We were allowed access to a tunnel where the fish (and sharks!) could swim over our heads! It was so incredible!

During the ceremony, during their first kiss actually, there was a shark that passed right over their heads! I had to make sure to capture it quick or he would have swam by!

This truly was a visually stunning wedding! It was so amazing working with all of the beautiful scenery that the Virginia Aquarium had to offer!

Krystal and Steve were amazing too! They were down for anything we asked them to do! Whether it was standing next to an alligator (thanks Steve!) or standing completely still while we got silhouette shots outside one of the tanks

They were so amazing to work with and I wish them a lifetime of happiness together! Also, thank you both for allowing us to be a part of this amazing day! We truly had an amazing time!

I hope you enjoy these amazing photos of this awesome couple, Krystal and Steve! And Happy New Year!




Just thought I’d add one of Joey in here looking at the shark!


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