September 15, 2016

Beautiful Marco Island Destination Wedding

Our Paradise Destination Wedding

Flying into Ft. Lauderdale was an adventure by itself. We had problems with the car rental agency and were nervous we were not going to be able to drive 2 hours west to Marco Island. A few hours after we landed, we finally booked a Jeep Wrangler to drive to Marco Island. It was a 2 hour drive through the swamps of Florida. When we arrived at Marco Island, we were starting to get excited. This place was beautiful! We had arrived on Tuesday to help with wedding planning because I was the Matron of Honor. Call me crazy but I was able to not only be beside the bride the whole way through but also thanks to my talented husband, tackle this wedding as the photographer

Bryan and Jordan have been very good friends of mine since college. I met Bryan day one at Liberty University and Jordan was one of my best friends there shortly after. We had all met in marching band (including Joey) and shared that bond that musicians share. Not long after meeting Jordan, I knew that her and Bryan would one day marry. So as any best friend would do I simply told them my plan for them to begin dating and of course... IT WORKED! Bryan asked me to hide out in the woods to capture his proposal on camera and so I have been able to document their entire process from proposal to engagement, and of course the wedding! When Jordan asked me to be her Matron of Honor I was so excited and couldn't wait to begin planning with her. Shortly after the proposal Jordan and Bryan had discussed who they wanted to photograph their destination wedding and informed me that they wish I could do both... I was up for the challenge! When their wedding day came at last, I could barely keep the tears from rolling down my face... as the MOH and photographer. This wedding was filled with an incredible amount of LOVE from family, friends, and the bride and groom. There are some people who are excited for their wedding day, but Bryan and Jordan were more excited for their marriage and that is amazing to see!

It was 100 degrees and 100% humidity but that didn't stop us from taking phenomenal pictures. The beauty of the landscape was fantastic on it's own. Then we throw in the majesty of a wedding and that is a recipe for some ridiculous pictures. As most brides who are so nervous for their wedding day know, there will be things you cannot control on your wedding day and you just have to enjoy it regardless. Their wedding was magical and two hours after they said, "I do", they hopped in the limo (kicking Jordan's dad out in the process), and were on their way to their honeymoon.

All in all, Marco Island was a great place to have a wedding and the pictures speak for themselves. It was one of the happiest weddings I've ever been to and I wish both Bryan and Jordan a lifetime of happiness in their marriage

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  1. Bob & Nancy Mack says:

    First of all Congratulations on your marriage. Have so enjoyed following you & Brian on the journey up to your wedding day. We would have loved to have been there to enjoy in person, but due to Uncle Bob’s illness traveling is out of the question. We have many happy memories of spending time on Marco Island at the Condo. We wish you both much happiness & many years of service to our Lord. Gramps would have been so proud & happy for you & Brian. God bless you!




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