February 9, 2017

Why Do You Need Two Photographers?

Benefits of Having Two Photographers


What a great question! There are many benefits to having two photographers at your wedding! You can get all aspects of your wedding day covered; you can have two different points of view during your wedding, your photographers will be more independent, and you will ultimately get better quality photos.

  1. You can get all aspects of your wedding day covered. When you and your bridesmaids are getting ready for your big day, those moments will be captured. When your soon-to-be husband is getting ready with his groomsmen, those moments will be captured. If you wanted photos of the venue untouched before the ceremony, they can be captured without sacrificing any time with you, the bride! When you are finally walking down that aisle towards your fiancé, you will have photographs of you and your husband’s reaction. Two photographers can get more angles than just one photographer; it’s math. At Valorie Kelley Shots all of our wedding packages include two photographers so you never have to worry if you’re overpaying for just one photographer or if you’re not getting all the pictures you want on your wedding day.
  2. You can have two different points of view during your wedding. Since my husband and I shoot together at every wedding, we can get multiple shots at different locations. Also, our different personalities will be able to shoot through two different points of view. When there is only one photographer, you can look through the photographs and see their one point of view in every picture. With two different photographers you can see pictures through different lenses (pun intended). My husband knows what it feels like to see his soon-to-be wife walking towards him in her wedding dress for the first time. He knows what it feels like to be minutes away from saying “I do” and having your life changed forever. I know what it’s like to walk down the aisle with my dad and feeling that joy rush over me. Since we have lived through it, we know what moments need to be captured and when.
  3. Your photographers will be more independent. When you have two photographers, they can work as a team. If there is only one, they might forget something or they might have to leave for any reason. With two photographers, if one leaves the other can still stay and capture the moments. If one photographer needs to switch gear for any reason they can, without worrying about missing anything. Two photographers can work as the perfect team (especially if they are married!).
  4. You will ultimately get better quality photographs. Let’s face it; having two photographers is a must on your wedding day if you value quality. We could not produce the product we give our clients if only one person was running the show. Imagine if a camera completely broke during the ceremony or first dance (Lord please don't let that happen!) You will have the images from the other photographer and wouldn't even know the difference. 

I have found through being a second shooter and the first shooter, that having two photographers is a must. You not only receive better quality images but also significantly reduce stress levels on your wedding day. At Valorie Kelley Shots, all of our packages come with my husband and I so you never have to worry! 


Joey usually likes to get the small details and the "artsy" shots. Here he is in Marco Island, Florida!

Here are a few photos of me during weddings while Joey is still busy taking pictures. This shows that when I am busy, photographs can still be taken because one of us will always be working!


Also here are a few pictures that are taken by both of us, but you will be able to see the different techniques we use. The first one is mine and the second one is Joey's. Both are great photographs but just taken different ways.


I hope this helps answer any questions you had about whether two photographers are better than one!





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