March 19, 2019

A Joyous Florida Wedding – Carly & Lee

Virginia Wedding Photographer

Joey and I love photographing weddings in Virginia, but we also love to travel! Last year alone we traveled (for weddings) to over 10 different states! It was so amazing and also a little tiring!

This is one of those weddings that we had to travel a little ways for, but we were so thankful that we did! Carly and Lee were so amazing and were so incredibly fun to photograph! They were a very fun couple and Joey and I enjoyed ourselves so much during their wedding! She had macarons which are my favorite… and a live band which is Joey’s favorite!

Joey and I love every couple that we have the honor to photograph. It’s such an incredible blessing to us when we get to take pictures of a couple we can see is truly in love (just look at Carly glowing in literally EVERY picture!) with each other and also knows how to have fun!

Carly and I have cultivated a relationship since I first met her and every picture I post on Instagram or Facebook, she is right there commenting and encouraging me! She is such a sweet girl and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet her!

Lee is in the military and they both get the opportunity to travel to some pretty amazing places as well! Check out one of the pictures that shows them in different parts of the world!

Cocoa Beach was an incredible place to have a wedding and it melded two beautiful sceneries together: palm trees and rustic fields! Right before the ceremony, they unleashed cows and horses so that the animals would be behind the couple in the ceremony shots! It was so amazing!

Thank you Lee and Carly for allowing us to photograph your amazing wedding and we wish you a lifetime of happiness!


Look at all those amazing places they’ve been! SUPER JEALOUS!

Watch out for that cork!

Her dress was so incredibly beautiful! It also helps that she is so incredibly beautiful too!

“Hot Pink” were amazing! So full of energy and were very talented!


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