May 5, 2020

Choosing Your Engagement Session Location!

I love photographing couples during their engagement session! This is a fun way to see how the couple interacts with each other before the wedding day! Before you start, don’t forget to check out the Wedding Timeline Workshop below!

Be yourselves! Sometimes being in front of the camera can feel a little awkward but relax so you can enjoy the time with each other and it will soon feel more like a date than an obligation.

Downtown locations are great to show off your urban style. If city buildings or cobblestone streets are your thing then share your favorite downtown setting with your photographer. I’ve photographed couples inside cute coffee shops during lifestyle sessions. Don’t forget to tag the business on social media to show support!

My husband and I met in college so we used our college campus for our engagement session. Most colleges spend a pretty penny on landscape and if you go in the summer, it’s a ghost town!

Parks are a great place to easily find pretty backdrops with trees and flowers. Also, walking trails and bridges are a bonus. Most parks are free to walk through and have plenty of open space for a clean background. If your park is in a large city, consider doing a sunrise session to beat the crowd.

If you have already booked your wedding venue ask if they will allow you to have your engagement photos taken there. There may be an additional fee or they will ask you to choose a less busy week day.

Historic state buildings are one of my favorite places to photograph couples. The white pillars and grand stairways are stunning in the background of images and create perfect skin tones. I live close to Washington D.C. and the options are endless. However, you may need to acquire a permit before showing up for photos.

If you prefer a more laid back look then photos out in the country might be perfect for you. Mountains, cornfields, and tall grasses provide a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Also, there are rarely any spectators. Before you trespass on someone’s land, ask around and get permissions to use their property for engagement photos.

Do you love the beach? Sunset sessions in the ocean are always a great idea! The key is to choose a day where there are less people and you will love walking along the shore holding hands with your fiancé!

Are you in the midst of planning your DREAM wedding? Then the wedding timeline worksop is for you!


Valorie Kelley


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