July 19, 2018

Complete Room Makeover!

This project was LONG overdue! Joey and I love having people over and so we made our living room, dining room, spare bedroom and kitchen a unique and fun area to be in but did nothing to the master bedroom. I’m talking no artwork on the walls, poor layout, cluttered with furniture and the most uncomfortable bed! We went shopping to so many mattress stores trying to find a mattress we could both agree on and had very little luck. Joey didn’t mind the squishy, hot, memory foam mattress that we had, but I was getting no sleep at all! Our compromise was until we bought a new bed we would sleep on the pull out couch which was wayyyy more comfortable!

After about 2 months of sleeping in the Livingroom we finally upgraded… BIG TIME! Our friends encouraged us to have a split king bed so that we could each sleep well and have what we like. Y’all… this bed is amazing! We were sleeping on a full size bed and now a KING!!!! I opted in for the Beautyrest Black Desiree Luxury Firm Series and Joey went with a plush mattress… complete opposites 😉 but that’s okay!

Before we upgraded our bed we ripped out the old carpet and installed a click laminate flooring and new trim which gave the room an entire new feel! I do not want to have to do this again but it was a great learning experience… After wedding season we plan on adding a fresh coat of paint.

I will share where everything was purchased at the end.

Let us know what you think!

-Valorie Kelley


This bed became a table for packing our suitcase for weddings. I almost left these pictures out because of the embarrassing mess but you have to see where we started!



I dropped an Iron on the floor and melted the carpet…


My Mom and Dad helped too!

There you have it! My computer will not be staying in the bedroom but I wanted to edit my weddings in this beautiful bright space!

Mattresses: Mack Mattress

Blush Tufted Bed Frame: Amazon

White Fuzzy Throw Pillows: Bed Bath and Beyond

Ziploc Bags for Under Bed Storage: Amazon

Rose Canvas from Staples 7 years ago

Mini Succulents: World Market

Nicole Miller Comforter, White Curtains, Pink throw, Pink pillow, Renew Candle, Crystal Knobs, Full Length Mirror, Chair: HomeGoods

Faux Sheep Skin Rug: Ross

Mattress Protector: Target

White 4 Drawer Dresser: Walmart

27″ Mac Computer: Apple

Editing Palette: Palette Gear

Handsome Husband: Liberty University


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