December 18, 2018

Disney Trip 2018!!!

Our Disney Trip!!!

Last month, Joey and I had two Florida weddings, (blogs to come!!!) one on Saturday, and then one the next Friday. We decided to make a Disney Trip between the two. We invited our good friends, Holly and Dave who are the biggest Disney fans we’ve ever seen!

We love Disney too and had such an amazing time! This was Joey’s first time going to the parks besides Magic Kingdom. Joey and I went to Disney in 2011 when we were in the Liberty University Marching Band! We were able to march down Main Street in front of Cinderella’s Castle! This is also the time Joey and I started to really like each other and not long after, Joey asked me to be his girlfriend!

So we obviously have great memories at Disney World and we decided to make some more this year!

Now, we understand the video is a little long, but we mostly made this video so that we could have the memories for years! Also, we want to go back to Disney quite often and it’s always fun to look back and what we did each time!

I hope you enjoy our video and leave a comment if you’ve been to Disney and what you liked most about it!



Kylo Ren from Star Wars did not seem to like me very much…



But Goofy did!!!




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