April 15, 2020

Elegant Bridal Hairstyles

Nailing down the perfect hairstyle for your wedding can be tricky. Your engagement session and bridal portrait session is the perfect time to test out looks that you like and see how they photograph on you. Here are a few of my brides beautiful hairstyles from their actual wedding day.

Also check out this helpful roadmap to the wedding right here. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming but this guide will take the guesswork out.

  1. Adding a clip in your hair can really take your look to the next level.
  2. For a natural style add a loose braid to your up-do
  3. Don’t forget the hairspray!
  4. For a whimsical look wear a floral crown or add a touch of flowers in your hair.
  5. A long veil is my FAVORITE hair accessory



Braided up-do is a timeless look.
Greek Goddess! I love the gold floral headband.

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