January 11, 2017

Engagement – Lauren and Spencer

New England Engagement Session - Lauren and Spencer

What an amazing couple these two are! Spencer has been one of Joey's best friends since they were kids. They played music together in their church; Spencer on the bass and Joey on guitar. He spent a lot of time with Spencer and his family growing up and now he is getting married! We were so excited when we learned of their engagement because we had known Lauren for a while now too and we knew they were perfect for each other!

It was Thanksgiving week that we were going to be in the New England area and these photos were taken in some very cold weather! Lauren and Spencer were troopers though and they brought their dog Mosby to join them in their photos. The first set of images is from the school they met at: Bryant University. We got some great shots of them on the beautiful grounds and then got some inside their student center. After being at their school for a while, we went to a trail in the woods where they spent a lot of their dates just sitting by the stream and learning to love each other! The last location we decided to go to was downtown Providence, Rhode Island. It was just after 5 o'clock and there was a lot of traffic! We decided to go up to the State House and were pleased to find nobody in sight because it was the day before Thanksgiving. We got some amazing city images in the midst of all the holiday bustle!

Lauren and Spencer, we are so happy for you two! It's been so fun to watch you two make each other laugh and just genuinely enjoy being around each other! Also, we are so excited for your wedding!





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