October 25, 2018

Gettysburg Golf Course Wedding – Mike and Deanna


When I heard about Mike and Deanna’s story, I was so incredibly happy to be working with them! These two are so cute together and their wedding was perfect!


Deanna and Mike met at a ski resort in high school and quickly fell in love! After a few years, Deanna left for New Zealand and when she returned, they started their relationship up again and soon after, Mike proposed!


I love being able to hear about how my couples met and got engaged! I love being able to be a part of their journey together and it makes taking their pictures way more fun (I try to do this with every bride we book because I want to be more that just a wedding photographer)!


I was so impressed with the way they put God first in their relationship and you could see that throughout their wedding! One of Deanna’s friends from New Zealand sang a worship song during the reception! It was incredible and definitely not something I see every wedding!


They also did a private foot washing ceremony after their first look! Joey and I did one during our wedding ceremony and it was amazing! Mike and Deanna did this to show how they wanted to serve each other during their marriage. I was so happy to be able to capture this moment!


Joey and I had so much fun being in Gettysburg the day before (Joey is a huge history buff!) and this golf course was so beautiful! Check out those bridge pictures! Some of my favorite! Also, her sister made the most amazing wedding cake I’ve ever eaten! You could see how much her girls loved and cared for her… It truly was an incredible day!


I hope you enjoy these pictures of Mike and Deanna! Even though it was an incredibly hot day, Joey and I had so much fun capturing the love these two shared between each other and the Lord!



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