June 5, 2020

National Donut Day & Easy Photo Tips!

Donuts are so fun! This morning I decided to surprise the family with donuts for breakfast since it is national donut day! I think they were pretty thrilled. How cute are these beach donuts??? The same day that beaches have opened back up in Virginia!

Thank you Emily’s Donuts and Cafe… these were delicious donuts!

As a wedding photographer I am ALWAYS learning! I can’t tell you how much time I have invested in online courses, blogs, books, and practicing with my camera to get to where I am now. Today I wanted to share a few photography tips for any beginner!

1.Natural Light is your friend… Find a room in your home that has beautiful lighting and your photos will glow. Turn the lights off so that you “donut” get orange hues. For us, the dining room has a lot of windows so taking images here is easy.

2.Time of day matters! First thing in the morning, 2 hours before sunset, and a cloudy day usually creates a soft light that gives a creamy glowing background and less squinty eyes. 

3.Different Angles: When photographing details I almost always take my first shot from directly above the subject. Try taking a photo from 45 degrees above the detail and see how that perspective can make a beautiful image. 

I hope these tips help you create better photos whether you are photographing your family on a cell phone or details of donuts! Go nuts for Donuts!


Valorie Kelley


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