April 14, 2020

Planning a Wedding During the Coronavirus

Hello, as I am writing this we are in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. My extroverted soul is desperately missing people and I cannot wait for the day where I can bust out of my house hugging every person I see.

So much has changed over the past few weeks and my heart goes out to all the couples who have had their wedding impacted during these crazy times. We were able to photograph one more wedding just 3 weeks before the quarantine. Just look at these two!!!

If you are rescheduling your wedding or recently engaged you NEED to download the Roadmap to your Wedding Day! This gives you the framework on when to do what especially if you’re planning your own wedding. Download this FREE Roadmap right here!

Pro Tip: If your wedding was scheduled to happen during the quarantine period rather than cancel simply postpone. You have no idea how many wedding vendors will be eager to help you out! While many venues are booked on Friday’s and Saturday’s during the Summer and Fall, the weekdays are often wide open… and less expensive! 

Don’t forget to download your Roadmap to the Wedding!



p.s. Be on the lookout for a SWEET surprise coming soon!


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