June 11, 2020

Styling a Beautiful Photo Worthy Wedding!

FRESH FLOWERS: Choosing flowers for your wedding day can be overwhelming and while fresh flowers won’t last more than a few days, the images will last forever. You can not go wrong flooding your wedding day with beautiful fresh flowers. Peonies are my personal favorite but they are seasonal to the Spring here in Virginia. 

I’m going to be bold for a second and just say it… fake flowers look fake. There… It’s out there.

I understand that some budgets require less flowers. There is nothing wrong with that. If you want your images to look high end and elegant all that is needed is your bouquet. Your bridal bouquet can be in every detail photo that I take on the wedding day and tie together the colors that you choose. Just one bouquet of beautiful flowers will enhance all of your wedding detail photos. 

BALLOONS: Let’s not get tacky here! A couple 36” white balloons with the words Mr. and Mrs. are a fun and trendy touch to your wedding day. Balloons definitely have their place but if done properly a statement wall of cascading balloon garland will be the hot spot of guest photos on your wedding day. More wedding balloons to hit this blog in the future.

CLUTTER FREE ROOMS! You can be in the most stunning bridal suite overlooking the eiffel tower in Paris, but if your room is cluttered it will not look beautiful in wedding photos. From hotels to churches, simply remove ugly chairs or pieces of furniture, pick a room that has the most natural light, and bring in the dresses. Those easy tips will help your “getting ready” photos look beautiful and clean. Also, have a trash bag in the room for a quick clean up before your wedding photographer begins taking candid photos.

There you have it! 3 ways you will transform your wedding day images and absolutely love the result!


Valorie Kelley


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