October 18, 2018

Sunrise Engagement Session – Ed and Dorothy!

Have you ever ran a marathon? Imagine how difficult it would be… Then imagine meeting your husband (or wife) while running that marathon. That’s the story of Ed and Dorothy! Not only did they meet during a marathon, they also got engaged during one! (Not the same one though…)


From the moment we met Ed & Dorothy I knew they would be an amazing couple to work with! They loved to smile and were full of enthusiasm throughout the entire session! Also, I think it’s worth noting that this session was at sunrise! It takes some people a few hours in the morning to be pleasant but these two were so energetic from the beginning. Maybe it has something to do with running all those marathons… 😉


Now I’ve done quite a few sunset photos before, but there’s something about these sunrise photos that are completely unique! I will definitely have to plan more sunrise sessions (if my couples are willing to get up that early)!


We met Ed and Dorothy on the docks of the Potomac River looking across to DC. It was an incredible morning and you can see how excited these two were to be engaged! We got to take a few pictures in front of a firehouse because Ed is a fireman and we thought it would be very appropriate for him! Also, that blue house you see in a few pictures is apparently the skinniest house in the country! Only 7 feet wide, Ed and Dorothy had told us about it and I knew I had to photograph it before we left!


I hope you enjoy Ed and Dorothy’s beautiful engagement session in downtown Alexandria as much as Joey and I did! We are so excited for their wedding next week and it warms my heart knowing how much love they share with each other!



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