June 3, 2020

Take Great Photos As A Couple!

Here’s a Secret to taking great photos as a couple. 

This is a simple and flattering pose for every couple! You can use this for wedding poses, engagement sessions, or casual photos with each other.

Gentlemen: Start by standing tall and have your shoulders level with the ground. Men tend to look more masculine when standing square in front of the camera. (The camera won’t pick up the size of the gut when standing like this.)  Place your hands in your pocket and now for the fun part…

Ladies: Snuggle up with your man! Your belly button will be touching his hip bone (This shows off our slender side without the width of our hips). Angle your best side toward the camera, pop the knee closest to the camera with a slight bend, and let the weight shift to the back leg away from the camera. You will appear thinner if your hand is on the smallest part of your waist and you slightly dip your shoulder towards the camera. 

I use this all the time with my couples in different variations. Practice this pose together and you will nail every photo you take together! 


Valorie Kelley


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