May 20, 2020

TEX-MEX Rehearsal Dinner & Tips for Planning Yours!

Rehearsal dinners are a blast! 

The rehearsal dinner is a fun time for both families to come together and celebrate the night before the wedding. Traditionally the groom’s family throws the rehearsal dinner but there’s no right way to do this! If you are planning your wedding day timeline click the link below for the Wedding Timeline Workshop!

Choose a location

Restaurant, venue, or backyard bbq whatever style your family enjoys for a good time. This dinner was hosted at the wedding venue which was so nice for everyone who had to rehearse because the meal was ready immediately after the rehearsal finished. Also, most of the wedding party was housed on site so there was no need for travel after the dinner. Messina Inn


Your wedding party and family have spent time walking up and down the aisle to get the right tempo for the bride to make her big entrance. Have a meal plan before people become hangry. This Tex- Mex dinner was a crowd pleaser and everyone loved the beer burros!


Whoever hosts the rehearsal dinner typically gives a toast to the new addition of the family. Also, the bride and groom can share their appreciation as well. The more the merrier!


If you are giving gifts out to family or the bridal party, this is a great time to do it. If the gifts contain items they will wear during the wedding, consider waiting until the day of to hand them out. There’s always a groomsman leaving socks or a watch behind. 

I had the privilege of photographing this festive rehearsal dinner in the Texas Hill Country!





Valorie Kelley


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