March 7, 2017

Things I Wish I Had Put In My Wedding Registry

Things I Wish I Had Put On My Wedding Registry


No matter where you register for your wedding gifts, I guarantee there will be things you miss.

Most of the stuff you put on your list will be things you (the bride) need when you get married. Some things will be fun things (not necessities). I thought it would be fun to compile a list for you of things I wish I had put on my own registry. To be honest, most of the things we received after we got married were kitchen items. Don’t get me wrong, those things are great, but they're not the only things you need for your first few years of marriage. If you’re reading this I’m assuming you trust my judgment so I’m hoping most of the things I put on this list will help you in some way. You may forget some of these items and that’s why I am trying to help you out. If I have forgotten anything, please comment with any of your ideas!


  1. Grill – Being a newlywed means you’re going to spend a lot of time eating together. When Joey and I were on our honeymoon, we did a lot of grilling out. When we got back to our new home, all we wanted to do was grill. Preparing your food this way will give you a lot time with each other and your hubby will feel more manly when he grills!


  1. Glass Pyrex – Tupperware that you can put in the oven and the microwave! These things are amazing and are necessary to married life. Obviously they are a little more expensive than plastic Tupperware but this stuff will last! So many positives to Glass Pyrex so don’t forget to put these on your registry!


  1. Cordless Drill – If your soon to be husband is not the “handy man” type, (Joey never really was until he went to work at Ace Hardware, now he’s a little better) this registry gift will really come in handy! Whether it’s hanging up the new wedding pictures you get or just fixing some cabinets that your dog has messed up, a drill is a necessity for married life.


  1. Fire Extinguisher – Now this is definitely not something I ever thought of needing nor did I think it was realistic as a gift. Fire extinguishers actually aren’t that expensive but they are certainly necessary when cooking or for other emergencies. We have had some fire issues in the past and this would have definitely helped us out! Maybe not the most glamorous gift on your registry but definitely one that will help you out!



  1. Luggage – This is something you always need but never really think about buying it before you absolutely need it. You will need luggage for your honeymoon obviously so isn’t this a practical gift? Now this is a personal type of gift so make sure you choose the specific luggage you want otherwise you’ll get something you won’t like. There are a lot of practical items on this list but if you are going to be a traveling couple like Joey and I are, you will be using this gift a lot!


  1. Lawn Mower/Leaf Blower – We didn’t register for these and thankfully was given one right after we got married but if you are going to be living somewhere with a lawn, this will be something you need! A cheap lawn mower can run around $200 but they can certainly get to be very expensive. Since you probably aren’t going to own a landscaping company, you can use a cheap lawn mower and make it last for a while. The lawn mower we got was $100 and has lasted us almost three years!


  1. Storage Bins – This one may be obvious but if you don’t think of it then you will be kicking yourself. Storage bins are handy when you accumulate things over the course of your marriage. Through the years things will start to accumulate and you won’t know where to put them! Thankfully for us we have an attic space where we put our stowaways. Storage bins are also useful for stowing away decorations.



  1. Vacuum – If your new place has carpet then obviously you will need one of these. Just like a lawn mower, a vacuum can vary in price. If you aren’t worried about price then you can go big! If price is a factor, don’t worry because you can still get a good vacuum for a cheaper price.


  1. Good Knife Set – This is a must for couples who think they will be cooking a lot during their first year of marriage. We did not put this on our registry and instead bought a really cheap set of knives and were very disappointed. Make sure you get a decent set because these can actually last a while and if you get them as a gift, you don’t have to worry about purchasing them yourselves.


  1. A Point and Shoot Camera – Since we are living in an age where anyone can take pictures on their cell phones why would you want to spend extra money on a camera? Investing in a decent point and shoot camera, even if you aren’t a photographer, will help open up your creative side and you will be able to capture moments and make them look amazing! I know I am probably a little biased in putting this in the list but I truly believe that the first few years of marriage will be something you want to remember and who wants grainy cell phone pictures for their memories? I sure don’t! So invest in a good camera!


That’s it for now! There are probably many more things I could put down but I figured that would be a little overkill. You can use this list as a guide when you set up your gift registry. Try not to be too serious either when you are selecting gifts. Joey and I registered for a camping tent and guess what? Somebody bought it for us! You can assume you will get a lot of kitchen and bathroom stuff so why not live a little? If you and your husband are into sports, why not register for a football or baseball gloves? If you are both interested in art, why not register for some painting supplies or canvasses? Try to think outside the box when you’re registering and you might be surprised when people buy you certain things!






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