March 13, 2017

VKS Dallas Trip

Our Trip To Dallas, Texas

If you follow us on Instagram (@ValorieKelley) or know us personally, you probably were aware that we were in Dallas, Texas last week. One thing Joey and I LOVE to do is travel. We had two couples wanting to do their engagement shoots near Dallas. Joey and I have previously been to Dallas, (I used to live here when I was younger and Joey spent three months here for an internship at First Baptist Dallas) so we were excited to be heading back there!

VKS Trip To Dallas 1

            Even though we were sick for a majority of the trip, we still found time to go out and explore! One thing I absolutely needed to visit was Draper James. This is a little boutique started up by Reese Witherspoon and I absolutely love the clothing and accessories they have. Located in Highland Park, which is one the most affluent parts of Dallas, we were able to see one of my favorite photographer’s art.

            We also got to hang out with our couples: Layton and his fiancée Taylor and Kenneth and his fiancée Lorraine. We got to see the Big Eye Ball in Dallas. Yes. There is a huge eye ball in downtown Dallas. Why, you ask? No idea, but it was awesome!

We were also able to see First Baptist Dallas, which is a great church that Joey interned at a few summers ago

After our second engagement shoot we went to a Japanese Steak House which was delicious! Our engagement shoot was with Layton and Taylor and they did such an amazing job! 

We had a lot of fun at different restaurants throughout the week. We ate Tex-Mex, BBQ, ice cream and some Texas home cooking. There are so many things to do in Dallas and it really is a lot different than Virginia. We are leaving a few pounds heavier but that is okay with us!

We've added a few pictures at the bottom from our photo shoots during the week, I hope you enjoy!








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