February 10, 2017

VKS Senior Experience Video

The VKS Senior Experience

Hey guys Joey here! I have been working all week on a new video to showcase our abilities as Senior Photographers. We had such a great time shooting in Downtown Charlottesville last Saturday and I hope this video gives you a little glimpse into our process. We rested on the theme of SHINE for our 2018 Seniors. Being a Senior means that it is your time to SHINE. You have so much going on and so many paths to take after high school but take this year and let your personality and your decisions shine bright. We want to be able to capture some of those moments and we think that your Senior portraits should show you at your best. You can feel relaxed and comforted knowing that you will be getting a luxury experience with Valorie Kelley Shots.

This past Saturday was a long, cold day but we were able to come away with some amazing photos! The girls were troopers and stuck it out through some cold and windy weather. It was an honor to be able to help my wife take beautiful photographs and also being able to film some of the process. This video gives you a little glimpse into our process at Valorie Kelley Shots. We try to make it as fun and carefree as possible. This shoot was a ton of fun and we are excited for the incoming class of Seniors!

If you would like to find out more about our VKS Senior Experience go on over to our "Book Now" section of our website or you can just simply click HERE. You can send us an email to know you're interested and we would love to talk with you about becoming a VKS Senior! 


Charlottesville Senior Styled Shoot

Charlottesville Senior Styled Shoot


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