February 10, 2017

VKS Senior Experience

Valorie Kelley Shots Senior Experience


I know this may sound cheesy but I originally thought it would be really neat if these ladies held balloons that said 2018… I know, I know, straight from Pinterest. Fortunately the party store did not have the numbers 0 or 1. My backup plan was the word "grad"… not any more original. Thankfully the store did not have G or D. Alright at this point I am considering going into the balloon business to stock up on the alphabet. After giving it some thought I came up with the word SHINE! Your senior year is your time to SHINE! You are applying and auditioning for Universities, practicing your instrument, winning soccer games, studying for SAT’s, prom dress shopping, and saying goodbye to high school and hello expensive textbooks. This year will fly way too quickly and your senior photos will be the lasting impression that you and your family will remember of these very special moments. That is exactly why I want each and every one of my seniors to SHINE during their photo session.


Together with amazing vendors we will be providing a luxury experience for senior girls to get their makeup done, try on new sparkly dresses, and make memories laughing and having fun during their photo session. If you are a 2018 Senior, we would love to talk to you about becoming a VKS Senior! We know how important your senior year is and want to make you feel special during this huge milestone. Please hit the book me button on the top of the page or HERE and I would love to set up a consultation with you!


We had just moved in to our new office in Charlottesville so naturally the first thing to do was to celebrate! On Saturday we had 13 girls, a designer, and one make-up artist come to our Charlottesville location for an extra colorful photo-shoot. We had make-up being done by Arianna and gowns from Bagley Mischka, Lilly Pulitzer, and Amelia Servis! Everything looked so beautiful (just scroll down to see the amazing girls) and we were so impressed at all these ladies ability to model. They were such troopers because it didn’t get above 35 degrees the entire day! I know, the whole winter has been fairly mild and when we do our first styled shoot of the year, it stays freezing cold! Oh well, it made for one memorable shoot! Thank you to all the girls who modeled for this giant session!


Finally, a big thank you to Arianna and my best friend, Amelia Servis. These two girls are a lifesaver could not have done it without them! I hope you enjoy these beautiful and fun photos!





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