October 11, 2016

VKS Weekend Vlog 10/10

Hey y’all!

Valorie here with another exciting addition to our weekend vlog series! We had a pretty crazy weekend, but all our weekends seem to be crazy these days. We traveled to my hometown of Dinwiddie, VA on Friday night and was able to catch the high school football game. I was asked to play in the band and I had so much fun playing trombone with my little brother! We got to see my ridiculously cute niece Haliza and Mozart got to hang out with his girlfriend Scruffy. There was a baby shower for Ashley on Saturday and then we had to drive home in order to be there for church the next morning. It was raining so hard that night but thankfully we got home safely! We had church that morning, then Joey got to watch Tom Brady’s return, then finally there was AWANA. You will see our crazy hair we had for crazy hair night and then we were off to our friend’s house but sadly this was a week with no zombies 🙁   Check back every Monday for new vlogs!




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