March 14, 2017

You’re Engaged!… So Now What?


You're Engaged... So Now What?

Engagement season has come and gone and you’re engaged! Congratulations! So now that he has popped the question on you, what are your next steps? Maybe you’ve been so focused lately on how the proposal is going to go that you haven’t stepped back and looked at how to handle yourself once you are engaged.

The Engagement Period            

The engagement period can be stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing. Thankfully there are people like me who can help you through your journey. Whether you’re going to be engaged for a few months or a few years, there is no reason to stress. This is YOUR wedding! Don’t let it be something that burdens you. Let it be something that excites and drives you!



The first thing you should do after you get engaged is… Tell People! Obviously Facebook is a good place to do that but I recommend actually calling people and telling them! You should call all your family and tell them the good news (even the family members you never really talk to)! This will help get people excited for your wedding and they will probably be able to help you out!

Get A Date!

After you tell people you’re getting married the first question they will ask is, “when is it?” So… Set a date! Once you have a date set, everything else usually falls into place. If you are looking to book that certain photographer (insert subliminal Valorie Kelley Shots ad here) or you’re looking at a certain venue, then you should contact them before setting a date, but after you have done that, things should fall into place. Obviously Saturdays are the ideal wedding day but most venues will be cheaper if you book them on a weekday, but again that is something you and your future hubby have to decide! This should not be a stressful situation! Call around and see what your options are. Also, make sure to be flexible!

Don't Do It Alone!

Include your fiancé in your planning! Your man might be used to letting you do these kinds of things but remember, you’re not the only one getting married! He should get excited discussing wedding plans so make sure he is in on the process too! Also don't forget about things such as: will there be electricity at the ceremony, are there enough bathrooms or parking spaces, etc… Keep your man in the loop so you aren’t doing everything by yourself. Also keep your family and friends in the loop because if you cannot hire a wedding planner, then you will need as many people as you can to help you out!

Weddings Cost Money! (Surprise, Surprise)

Start Saving! If you haven’t done it already, open up a savings account strictly for your wedding and honeymoon. I do not recommend going into debt because of your wedding so do everything you can to save up as much as you can. Good things cost money! So make sure you’re budgeting your daily lives and not spending too much on things that don’t matter. Would you rather have luxury quality photography and decent food, or poor quality photography and amazing food? What are you going to remember the most when the wedding is over: the photos or the food? Prioritize your wedding if you need to and make sure you get someone who can capture the best moments of your wedding so that you can have the memories last!

Take A Deep Breath...

Finally my last tip is… Don’t stress! This is the most important thing. Like I said in the beginning, planning a wedding can be stressful but don’t let it get to you! Some things probably will go wrong and you won’t be able to make everything perfect so don’t let the things you can’t control run your life. Take a deep breath and step back and just enjoy the process. Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the happiest days of your life so make it that way! If you hire a good photographer (I hear Valorie Kelley Shots is amazing!) then your stress should be non-existent. If you allow others to help you in your planning, then you can delegate certain things. Please do not stress over something that is supposed to be amazing! Things will fall into place and you and your husband will be able to live the rest of your lives together.

Time To Start Planning!

There it is, five tips to get you started on your wedding planning. I sincerely hope this has helped you because now you’re engaged and you should be flying on a cloud right now! He purposed to you and you’re about to marry your best friend! Besides not being stressed, my biggest piece of advice is to not take everything too seriously. There might be times when you get overwhelmed but as long as you and your fiancé and the person marrying you show up, the ending is always the same. Just be yourself and don’t let things bring you down.

Enjoy your wedding planning and if you have any questions about our photography, click HERE and let us know how we can help!




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